Pelamis Wave Power

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 Pelamis Wave Power in conjunction with Marine Scotland contracted GeoSurv Limited and our partner Scottish Oceans Institute (SOi Ltd.) to provide a sub-bottom profiling capability for soil investigations off Shetland. The joint venture utilised Marine Scotland’s research vessel the Alba Na Mara which was due to conduct drop down video along the north coast of the Scottish mainland and the southwest coast of Shetland. GeoSurv provided a sub-tow boomer and a pole mounted four transducer pinger array together with positioning equipment and personnel to operate the systems. After successful mobilisation and testing in Fraserburgh, poor weather resulted in the vessel heading to the north coast where drop down video work was conducted. Unfortunately the weather continued to be extremely poor resulting in the vessel unable to reach Shetland within the designated fourteen day survey window.  Although disappointing the survey team and vessel worked well together and a number of important tests and procedures for working in the future fine tuned. GeoSurv would like to thank Marine Scotland and Pelamis Wave Power for their helpful and pro-active approach during this project.

3.5kHz Pinger data showing bedrock and superficial sand

3.5kHz Pinger data gathered during wet testing in Fraserburgh Bay


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